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Byzantium Arms

The arms of Byzantium are Gules a cross between four B Or. The arms of the Emperor of Byzantium are Gules, a two-headed eagle Or.


The Ravenna Mosaics depicting Tiberius II Constantine 578-582

On these famous Mosaics not Emperor Justinan is represented as is a common opinion, but his newphew Tiberius Constantine and his family and courtiers


Mauricius *539ca-22.11.602

A brilliant scientist and author of a War manual. In 602 a dissatisfied general usurped the throne, having Maurice and his six sons executed. His memory was damned and his porraits were therefore defaced. Nevertheless some portraits of him and his family are well preserved on mosaics.


Empress Irene 753-† 803

The imago’s of Irene and her son Constantine are the beginning of a vast quantity of representations of mother-and-child, symbolizing the Holy Virgin and Jesus. They are however also in a much older tradition of empress/queen mother and successor.


Emperor Constantine VI *771-† 797

Portraits of the young Emperor in the Lorsch Bible



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